Montreal’s Hidden Gems

Montreal is the most populous and happening city in the Canadian province of Quebec. This city is filled with hidden gems, offering something for everyone, all year around. It’s an experience to just walk the streets of Montreal due to its rich history and culture. Here are some of these treasures that are not to be missed when visiting this magical city.


Montreal Bagels




Montreal bagels are truly like no other to be found in the world – and gives locals endless pride. These sesame seed bagels are baked in a wood-burning oven, and have a unique taste that can’t be replicated no matter how hard one tries – and people have surely tried before.



Old Montreal




Old Montreal is one of the most historic neigborhoods in Montreal, and was founded by French Settlers back in 1643.  The area is filled with history, culture and treats at every step – offering tourists a special local taste of Montreal is truly about.


Cirque Du Soleil



The Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company that’s based out of Quebec. They offer some of the most magical and impressive shows of all time – and is a serious not miss when coming to visit Montreal.



The Biodome


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The beautiful and iconic montreal Biodome is located at the Olympic Park of Montreal, and allows visitors to walk through the four ecosystems of the Americas. It was first constructed for the 1967 Olympic games as a cycling track, and now remains as one of Montreal’s most must-see spots.


The Jazz Festival




The Monteal International Jazz Festival is held annually in Montreal, and in 2004, won the world record for the world’s largest jazz festival with 1,912,868 people who attended! This should come as no surprise since this magical festivals brings in some of the world’s biggest and best names.



The Olympic Stadium




The incredibly aesthic Montreal Olympic Stadium is the largest covered amphitheater in Quebec – with enough seating for an impressive 56,000 people! It was first built in 1976 when the Olympics were held in Montreal, and ever since, there have been no shortage of other memorable events and moments that took place here.


Mount Royal




Mount Royal is a small mountain located in the beautiful city of Montreal. Among many of the amazing treats that this mountain offers is an unbeatable viewpoint that offers views of the entire city – attracting tourists looking for a picture perfect spot all year around.



Habitat 67




These incredibly unique buildings were built by Moshe Safdie, an Israel-Canadian architecture with a style that simply can’t be found anywhere else. It was originally created as a pavilion for Expo 67 – a world fair that was held in Montreal back in 1967.  This structure is home to 146 residences, all in different sizes.


Smoked Meat


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Montreal is known to be one seriously foodie city, with endless delicacies that are unique to the city. Smoked Meat is kosher-style deli meat that has people from across the globe coming to try this special meat sandwich, typically made with rye bread and mustard.



Montreal’s Chinatown




Montreal’s Chinatown is a fun way to get a taste (literally too with all the restaurants) of some different cultures and to get to know some of the Chinese community living in Montreal. In fact, Montreal is one of the most multicultural cities in the entire world!




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Osheaga is an annual summer music festival that brings in some of the best and most popular performers. While it’s not quite the same or as large as Coachella, it still has young fans showing up ready to party like there’s no tomorrow, and also coming with the most stylish outfits that they’ve clearly been saving for this special event.







Not only are Canadians all about Hockey, but when it comes to Montreal, they take things to another level and have endless pride for their hockey team- The Canadians. Montrealer’s refer to the team as the HABS, which is short for the habitants.  If you can get yourself some tickets to see a game, you surely won’t regret it.