Miss Sunshine

Ella London, a thirty-five-year-old woman from Los Angeles has been wearing yellow and only yellow for the last seven years of her life. It started out simply as a unique way to honor the passing of her father, however from then on, there was no looking back.

As London and her partner were preparing for their wedding day, she knew that she didn’t want a standard, boring color such as white. When her fiancee brought up the idea of yellow, it reminded her of her late father who loved yellow. Her father, unfortunately, passed away when she was just a baby, so she decided to theme her wedding in yellow to honor him.

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This was the start of a wild love affair with the color yellow. Following her yellow themed wedding, she started to have it more and more in her life, and eventually reached a point where all she was wearing was yellow. Everything in her home also became all yellow, all of her furniture, and all of her decorations.

Today, even her car is yellow.  Although London realizes that perhaps her love of the color might not be considered completely normal or common, she claims that it helps to bring her up every day, and is also her form of self-expression. She’s become known as Miss Sunshine, and we have no questions as to why.

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