While many of us get annoyed at the sound of someone loudly chewing their gum, we can deal with it and quickly forget about it, moving on with our daily lives.

Those with Misophonia, also known as Selective Sound Sensitivity however actually suffer from an overwhelming feeling of disgust and anger, and it’s pretty much impossible for them to handle such a situation. 

It’s generally known as a very present and strong emotional response to certain noises, for the most part that are generated by human beings, like gum chewing, biting crunchy foods, cracking knuckles, and sometimes even breathing too. 

Those with this rare disorder suffer from intense emotions when exposed to these noises, and will often start to shake and their heart rate will rapidly increase. 

Margot Noel, a 28 year old girl suffers from Misophonia, and has shared her experience with the public about what it’s like to live with it.  According to Noel, hearing any of these noises has her jumping out of her chair and causes her extreme anxiety that she isn’t able to handle until the noise stops. She has even compared it to being held at gunpoint. 

Margot has been suffering from this disorder for her entire life, and although it is more understood today, it still hasn’t gotten any easier. Many people find it hard to not feel guilty around her, even her close friends and family. 

When there are sounds that really drive her crazy, she has learned to wear headphones or earplugs to block them out, referring to these methods as her ‘protection’. Nonetheless, she still feels very uncomfortable around people and does not want to always be that person that is asking those around her to stop making certain noises. 

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