Mirrored Tablewear To Fool Your Mind

Anyone trying to lose weight should know that the secret is portion control.  The most common way to cut down on portion size is to simply use small dishes.

That was, until some London-based art students came up with a more effective method. Their ingenious method: mirrors to make tableware appear to be double.

The team of artists are known as Studio Playfool and their tableware is based in mirrors. The idea behind this is that the mirrors will trick your eyes. You will see more food on your plate than is actually present, and will feel as though you ate a whole lot more.

They have decided to name their tableware set as Half/Full.  Their inspiration for this is reported to not be helping people lose weight, but rather due a fear about the potential food shortages in the world.  Therefore they made it their goal to change the future of our appetites.

Climate change, could potentially in the future play a significant role on food production, and therefore we need to stop and think about what measures can be taken now in changing our indulgent lifestyles and habits.

The two plates, cup, bowl, fork, spoon and knife found in the Half/Full set all consist of a reflective surface.  When placing food on them, it creates a visual sense of a larger portion, which in turn creates for a larger sense of fullness, and limits the food eaten by the consumer.  You may think it sounds ridiculous, but the idea is based on scientific findings, showing that volume of food is related to one’s reported satisfaction of a meal.

An additional study has also shown that having a mirror in front of you while eating further promotes self-awareness and can change eating behaviors.  The Half/Full team truly believes that their product has the ability to change the future of the world for the better.

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