Mind Altering Music

For many of us, listening to music while at works helps us improve our mood.  For others, they even feel as though it makes them more productive than they would otherwise be. So is there any truth to these claims?
Well, researchers have weighed in, and apparently, listening to music while at work can actually make it more difficult to take in and remember new information. But on the other hand, it has also been found that it can also make people more productive.  What’s the deal with this difference?
The connection between our mood and listening to music at work is significant, according to to researchers. Ninety percent of people have positive connections when listening to their preferred music. Being in such a frame of mind can be helpful in getting more work done.
Listening to music at work can also help you be more creative.  This of course comes with certain exceptions, such as extremely loud types of music which can cause distractions. But in general, the findings are true if the person enjoys the music. If you listen to music that you don’t appreciate, the effect most likely won’t be the same.
Another interesting finding from the research is that the amount of productivity gained from listening to music while work can be dependent on how good you are at your job. It was shown the most beneficial for those who were not new, but who also were not experts in their field.
For those that are experts in their field, they were shown to benefit from the music in terms of their mood, however their productivity level was not affected. They would do well in any case.
So if you needed an extra reason to listen to music at work, then here you have.  Enjoy, improve your mood, and do the best job possible.