Military Culture

You might have heard that different cultures exist across different ethnicities, but if you have seen some of the most classical military-based movies like “A few good men”, or otherwise have an interest in military life, then you will know that there is a completely different culture in the Military and although civilians might not be able to understand that culture, it is well practiced in the military.

Most militaries across the world have had their members living in a boarding school, away from home, from an early age. They have not spent as much time with their families as the rest of us and therefore have developed a different kind of culture in their habits. One of the most outstanding factors of that culture is the brotherhood embedded into them. Having lived with each other for a significant part of their life, the military has established norms of brotherhood and unity where they would stand by each other no matter what they have to face without ever considering taking the easy way out.

They also have a rugged way of expressing brotherly love to each other during times of calamity. Military pranks within themselves would seem to be outright insanity to the rest of us but they are a way to bring people into the system and their own way of having fun. As the colonel had mentioned, “we follow orders or people die”, another famous attribute in military culture is that they do not question their superiors very often. They know they need to act swiftly and simply have faith that their superiors will have the best plan to move forward so no matter how ridiculous an order may sound, it is followed. Just like any country has its own rituals and traditions, the military has its rituals and traditions that give them a sense of belonging and they hold them to their heart.