MGK Turns to Rock n Roll

The music industry almost seems like it has an open door policy for anyone and everyone. This is because anyone who makes a hit song can be considered to be a musician. With that said, we also see many celebrities go from being actors to being musicians overnight. Now it really isn’t very often that you see a musician switch from one genre to another especially before their careers begin. After all, you would think that that would kind of be like career suicide but not for Machine Gun Kelly. Instead, he made the switch from rap to rock and did it quite successfully.

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Mark Horton

Colson Baker also known by his stage name, Machine Gun Kelly or MGK is one of Hollywood’s more famous musicians, and with good reason. Machine Gun Kelly, has been in the music and acting industries for many years. However, it wasn’t until he released a rap diss track “ Rap Devil” again world-famous rapper Eminem in 2018 that the world first got to know him. You see taking on someone as big as Eminem isn’t taken lightly. But Machine Gun Kelly went for it and actually became famous for it. Fans were surprised to see that he was brave enough to take on Eminem and they enjoyed his style of rapping.

Now you would think that because his diss track was so successful that he would continue on in his rap career. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, he has had some success in his rap career but it really didn’t take off the way many people thought. But instead of giving up and calling it quits he decided to venture off into another genre. Machine Gun Kelly is officially an international pop punk and alternative rock superstar. Since he took on his new venture, he has truly changed the genres. With that said, it is clear to see that he sound his place in the music industry.