Mexican Cartoon Helped Solved A Murder
Computer animated cartoon characters Bosty and Antennas are seriously unique tools that help solve cases in court in Mexico when a child has been a victim of violence, or a witness of one.
Bosty has even helped convict a man who murdered his wife, after his children told the cartoon that their mother did not in fact committed suicide.
The cartoons not only provide evidence, but also mental health counselling to children in Mexico who have gone through abuse and violence, using the characters as a therapeutic tool.
They were developed by a psychologist and patients speak right to the computer screen. The characters earn their trust, something that even the most expert psychologists struggle to do.
The first character was Antennas, who was at first just a puppet that would listen to children speak. However the psychologist who created the system learned that if the character was animated it would encourage children to further open up about their feelings.
A young girl in the first trial of using an animated character had her reveal that the family maid was hitting her.
Some people however are concerned that children will invent stories when talking to an animated characters, and that their have been no studies to prove the accuracy of this method, although they are used in many therapy sessions, hospitals and courts in Mexico.

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