Methane On Mars Could Be From Aliens

Aliens, myth or a reality? For the longest time, people have been unsure of the possibility of aliens. Whether aliens are discussed in documentary or movies, one will never know the truth behind this tail.

The only possible way of knowing if aliens are real is by advance technology created by NASA. Just recently, “NASA’s Curiosity rover has detected unusually high levels of methane gas on the surface of Mars, indicating the possible presence of alien life on the Red Planet,” according to Mirror magazine. This rover does not actually have the ability to detect whether the methane on Mars is from the presence of aliens or from a geological process.

This news is now circulating the web, making people hopeful of life on a different planet. Microbial life is an essential source of methane on our planet Earth therefore suggesting that Mars has had some form of microbial life on the planet.

Unfortunately, NASA is not certain on where the methane is coming from. This is why NASA has decided to complete follow up tests to gain a better insight into this discovery. NASA will also compare their results with the European Space Agency’s Trace Gas Orbiter, which has not detected any methane over the Red Planet in years, according to Mirror magazine.

Being that their are many possibilities as to where this gas source is coming from, NASA is not confirming the results until verified. As much as we all would love to know if this long lasting myth of aliens could be real, science has still no proof of these creatures.