Mental Health Help Access

People from across the globe come together every year on October 10th with a shared goal.  This goal is to get rid of mental health stigmas, as well as to raise awareness for treatment options.

Ever since World Mental Health Day began in 1992, supporters have managed to make incredible steps towards getting closer to making these objectives come into action.

Although there is no shortage of work that still needs to get done, those that suffer from mental health issues have a whole lot more options than they ever have before. Together with the incredible efforts of mental health professionals and advocates, technological research and advancements have also played a major role in this equation.

The internet has allowed us to approach mental health in a way that we would never would have been able to in the past, or even have believed to have been possible. Through finding treatment options, to support groups and diagnosing mental health issues, the internet offers a whole other world for those suffering.

Today, thanks to smartphone technology, even methods such as online therapy is becoming popular.  According to the American Psychological Association, certain studies have shown that these methods can be just as effective as regular in person therapy.

Other studies even show that it can be useful for those who are still reluctant to accept the help they need.  There are tons of websites that offer affordable, comfortable, discreet, and accessible therapy through various methods, such as Skype, chat, text, and phone call.

The introduction of this technology and these websites is a huge step forward in making mental health help more accessible for all in need.

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