Meals That Don’t Require Loads of Ingredients

Life can be so busy at times that we don’t really have time to cook a meal. So much so that many people actually avoid the process of cooking by getting takeout or meals that are already cooked. Now there really isn’t anything wrong with getting taken out every day. However, it can become a bit pricy over time. So what are your options? Well, you can go with meals that require fewer ingredients. That’s right, you can still get a home-cooked meal without it taking your ten hours in the kitchen. Many of these meals don’t even require you to use more than one pot. With that, let’s get into these meals.

The first and probably most obvious meal has to be ramen noodles. Ramen noodles are well known for their effeminacy and tastes. By now you should know that ramen only takes around two to three minutes to cook. Even though ramen is good as is, you can always switch things up if you want. You could add vegetables, meats, and even eggs to your ramen noodles. Now speaking of noodles, spaghetti is another easy thing to make which doesn’t require many ingredients. More specifically, spaghetti and paste sauce. All you need for this meal is some spaghetti and a few packets of tomato paste.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Arx0nt

Once your noodles are cooked you simply add your pasta sauce. You can go a bit extra and add in some onions and peppers if you like. But most pasta sauces come with everything you will need. Next, we have some simple avocado and toast. Avocado and toast make for the perfect snack and even meal. All you will literally need is an avocado and some toast. That’s all. Lastly, we have some fried chicken. Fried chicken doesn’t require many ingredients to make. All you need is some good chicken, some spices, a wet batter, and a dry batter.