McDonald’s Golden Shamrock Shake

McDonald’s is one of the main fast-food chains in the United States that American’s love. So much, in fact, that is quite impossible to meet someone who has never eaten from this fast-food chain. Whether someone is in the mood for salty fries or a McFlurry, the options vary and cater to most people’s needs.

One of the best selling menu items at McDonald’s is their McFlurry, which is a combination of pure deliciousness. As the item became popular, McDonald’s released combinations of toppings and flavors to make the perfect dessert. A combination that McDonald’s is known for is the Shamrock Shake or an Orea Shamrock McFlurry.

For the shake’s 50th anniversary, “McDonald’s is unveiling two luxurious golden cups- one for auction and the other to give away,” according to Business Insider. These cups are so elite that they will be made of gold and covered with diamonds and emeralds. The rationale of the cup sparked from an older tradition that claims 50th anniversaries shall be celebrated with the purest of gold.

The auctioned golden cup will be auctioned off to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities. The second cup will be available to customers who purchase a Shamrock Shake or an Orea Shamrock McFlurry. In return, they will be able to enter a contest to win the other cup.