Matchmaker Make Me A Match For A Hefty Prize

A successful businessman has decided that online dating isn’t for him, that he’s given it his best effort already, and that he’s got to resort to other options.

The forty-seven-year-old Kansas man, Jeff Gebhart has actually announced that he will reward anyone capable of finding him an appropriate girlfriend with a $25,000 reward.  

While he claims to already be complete, he really would love to find the right person to share his luxurious life with and is willing to pay for that dream to become a reality.  Jeff is so dedicated to the cause that not only is he offering a hefty prize, but he even created his own website – Date Jeff G to allow for the process to run smoothly. 

Jeff has described on his website that he’s looking for someone who is easy to be around, who is fun, confident, highly motivated, and that has a zest for life, as he does.

Whoever takes on this honorable role would also have to be a major dog lover.  And although this isn’t the first offer of it’s kind, we’ve never seen one quite this generous. 

While it sounds like an easy deal that anyone can offer him for the money, Jeff has made some conditions in order to protect himself from those just looking to take advantage of him.

The girlfriend must be with him for at least a full year in order for the matchmaker to start getting the prize money, and it would be given in 5 annual payments. So in order to get the full prize, the relationship has to last 5 years! 

Another condition of his is that the girlfriend cannot nominate herself and that she undergoes a test from a clinical psychologist So before you decide to quit your job, make sure you’ve read Jeff’s fine print! 

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