Matches Based On Leftovers

Samsung has recently come out with a new dating app known as Refrigerdating.  It works based off of smart refrigerators, and helps singles connect based on what they are choosing, and keep in their fridges.

The electronics company hopes to assist single people in the market for a new match meet in a more unique way, with the help of what’s inside of their fridges.  According to the PR manager, what’s inside of one’s fridge can say a lot about their personality.

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, which costs a hefty $4,000 is where you will find the application.  So even if the algorithm based on food choices isn’t completely accurate, it at least connects people from similar economic statuses, which in turn, could be potential for a match.

The app is described to be similar to Tinder, enabling those looking for love to swipe left or right based on what’s inside of other’s fridges, rather than what they look like.

Although the idea might sound rather silly and usual, it’s still a great way to promote the smart fridges, and you never know what might come out of it. Food does connect people.

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