Mardi Gras

Yellow, green and purple are three of the colors that many identify as something in very close relation to Mardi Gras. Each year in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Mardi Gras parade takes place. Starting way back when this old-time tradition and celebration brings people from all over just to have fun and get some beads.

What many are not aware of is the history that falls behind the Mardi Gras celebration. According to the History Channel, “French explorers Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville and Sieur de Bienville,”  landed in New Orleans. After their long journey, they threw a small celebration upon their arrival.

Little did they know, this celebration was about to become one of the largest days of the year in New Orleans, Louisiana. Many mark this day as one of color, creativity, masks and plenty of interesting outfits.

Although it is celebrated in other places across the globe, Mardi Gras is only a national holiday in New Orleans that falls on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Even though it is supposed to be only a day-long event, most places including the home start celebrate and party for a week straight.

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