Man Tattoos His Entire Body Grey, Looks Like A Negative Version Of Himself

If you take a look at 32 year old Adam Curlykale’s Instagram, you’ll probably assume that he simply used a negative filter. But in fact, this is how he really looks.  He has tattooed his entire face tattooed in grey. Even his eyes has been tattooed and his facial hair has been dyed white. He really looks like a negative version of himself.

Adam got his first tattoo when he was 20 year old when just a small message saying I am.  This was only the start of a whole new journey that is far from over for Adam. So far, he has 90% of his entire body completely covered in tattoos. He has absolutely no plans to stop until 99% of his body has been covered in ink. The 1% that he plans on leaving natural is a secret that is not ready to reveal.

Adam, unlike many other tattoo fans who cover themselves for the purposes of art, he claims that they helped him deal with an extremely difficult stage in life.  At the young age of only 22, he was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer in his intestine.  Thankfully, he was able to overcome his diseases but the medical treatment was highly aggressive on his body. After several months of difficult chemotherapy, molecular therapy and stem cell therapy, he was left with various skin conditions which caused the pigment of his skin to disappear, albinism.

People in Poland, where he is from, did not accept him for the way he looked, and Adam also had problems accepting himself. He became depressed, suffered through eating disorders and even considered suicide.  Luckily enough, instead he turned to tattoos.

Adam explains how the tattoos allowed him to feel beautiful again, and to discover himself again.  It gives him the opportunity to design his own body, step by step. He further explains that he chose grey because it has always been his favorite color. He understands that his look may not appeal to everyone, but he is very happy, and that’s what’s most important.

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