Man Shows Up To His Own Funeral

A 20 year old man from Paraguay gave his friends and family the shock of their lives.  He came back home three days after having gone missing, and having them all mourn what they thought was his dead body.

The man, Juan Ramón Alfonso Penayo, from the Santa Teresa village (close to the border of Paraguay and Brazil) was last seen leaving his house, and did not tell anyone where he was headed. After not succeeding to reach him, his family reported him to the police as missing.

Soon after contacting the authorities, the family was told that a body had been found in the area, and they were asked to come and identify the body at the morgue.  The body was rather disfigured, so they naturally just assumed it was Juan.

His relatives took the remains of the body to their village and started to prepare for his funeral. They held a wake in his home, and many locals came to pay respect to him and his family who was grieving his loss.

A mere three days after his disappearance, Juan walked into house, acting as though everything was completely normal and that nothing had happened.

It was quite the reunion when he found his family gathered around his casket. It’s still not clear why Juan was away for three days without trace, but regardless his family is overjoyed to have him back home and alive.

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