Making The Ultimate Caesar Salad

Caesar salads, although they are the most common salads, makes them special is their dressing. Caesar salad dressing might as well be the backbone of the recipe. To begin with, we will need six garlic cloves which we will smash finely and sprinkle with salt until chopping and smashing the garlic results in a thin paste-like substance. Next, take canned tuna, and after separating the water, similarly, chop the tuna to add to the paste. Put this paste in a bowl, and add two egg yolks, one and a half lemons, mustard paste, and some more salt. Whisk the mixture thoroughly while adding 300 milliliters of oil to the mix, and once the mixture becomes thick, add a further 70 grams of grated parmesan, and voila! The magical Caesar salad dressing is ready.

Getty images/Moment/Rick Poon

Next, we move on to the croutons. Thinly slice long pieces from a loaf of bread and spread garlic paste onto each side. Next, heat them in the oven for around 10 minutes at 400 F. Once the crunchy crouton bread is baked, cubically slice them into smaller pieces. The third step in the Caesar salad recipe is the greens. Take bib lettuce for tenderness and iceberg for crunchiness, and layer them in a bowl with homemade garlic croutons and a generous amount of Caesar dressing.

If the conventional salad doesn’t appeal to your taste buds, you can easily transform it into a sandwich. Cook a piece of beef steak in butter and oregano. Add some finely cut onion rings and tomatoes in the same butter-laced pan. Lastly, cut out two pieces of high-quality bread and toast them in butter until they turn brown. Next, assemble the toast, steak, Caesar dressing coated greens, tomatoes, and onion rings and close it up with another slice of butter-glazed toast.

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