Making A Career Out Of Long Nails

While most of us can’t wait to cut our toenails as soon as they become even remotely long, apparently there are others who don’t quite feel the same way. One of these unique people is fifty-eight-year old Arinda Storm Weaver from Ohio, known to be a long-nailed beauty who actually sells her impressively long toenails to people across the globe for a seriously hefty price tag.  Arinda is so successful in her toenail sales that it’s actually her main source of income. 

Arinda, the long toenails lover was once a prestigious accountant manager at a manufacturing plant, but once she stumbled upon the wonderful world of long nail beauties, there was no looking back. Fourteen years ago, Weaver was writing blog posts to share her experience in fighting breast cancer, and it came to her attention that her readers were always mentioning her long nails. She knew that it was always important to her to take good care of her nails and grow them out, but it never occurred to her that there was an actual community devoted to admiring their beauty, and that’s even willing to pay to do so. 

In 2008, Arinda quit her job as an account manager and has actually become a full-time long nail beauty by selling videos of her long toenails to enthusiasts.  This kind of footage, however, is clearly not fit for anyone, as many of us would not only just not appreciate it, but it might even make us feel rather sick in all honesty. But thankfully for Arinda, there’s somehow no shortage of excited fans who are willing to pay as much as fourteen dollars to watch her do a variety of things with her long toenails.  Some very devoted long nail lovers even pay Arinda a special fee for a live personal session.