Makeup Artist Transforms Himself Into Celebrities

If you think you’ve seen impressive makeup, well then, you might have, but you surely haven’t seen anything quite like the work of Manchester’s Alexis Stone. Stone is a makeup artist so incredibly talented that he can actually turn himself into just about anyone, and especially so into celebrities, both female and males ones too. His real name is Elliot Joseph Rentz, but he prefers to go by his drag queen name, Alexis Stone. On top of being a drag queen, he’s also an influencer on social media with nearly 1 million followers for his makeup transformations into a variety of iconic figures. 

In fact, some of his makeup transformations have such an uncanny resemblance to pop icons that many people are convinced that his photos have been photoshopped or digitally altered in some way. Stone, however, swears that it’s only makeup that’s been applied thoughtfully and carefully based on the common facial expressions of the stars he chooses to turn himself into.  He went viral for the first time a few years back with people unable to believe that this man was the face behind so many realistic impersonations, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Cher and even Queen Elizabeth.  Even when turning himself into a woman, it’s hard to believe it’s not the real deal. 

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Stone has expressed how much he loves transforming himself into others, and that being someone else for a period of time is what keeps him sane. Stone has made it his full time occupation to both study the faces of stars as well as the makeup techniques in order to achieve these looks. He’s also built a highly successful business around his skills, and has gained himself an impressive following on social media, with people who look forward to seeing his unbelievable transformations that never seem to disappoint. We can’t wait to see what he has in store!

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