Mac And Cheese For Life

While most of us do really love macaroni and cheese, since our childhood days, we can’t really say it’s still a staple in our everyday diets (unless of course you’re really, really lucky).  But for twenty year old Floridian Austin Davis, things aren’t exactly as you would expect them to be for someone his age, and he isn’t something we would consider to be so lucky.

For the past seventeen years of his life, so ever since he was three years old, he’s eaten pretty much just macaroni and cheese. While he’s not the first picky eater to hit the planet, we’ve never quite heard of someone this picky. In fact, apparently, even if he tries to eat something else, his body won’t be able to digest it even. He’ll start to gag as his body literally rejects it, no matter how good it may taste – pizza, french fries, pancakes, whatever it is, as long as it’s not mac and cheese, he can’t have it. 

According to experts, what Austin suffers from is an actual disorder known as restrictive/avoidant food intake disorder. New foods actually trigger unpleasant physical side-effects, and is most likely due to traumatic events that he experienced in the past. 

After being abused by his father, Austin was diagnosed with PTSD, which has not only affects his social life, but also his diet. Despite really wanted to change and eat something else, he really can’t.

Thankfully, he’s aware that it’s unhealthy and does work out four times a week to make up for his poor eating habits, and has been seeing a therapist to help him deal with his rare condition.

Hopefully, one day he’ll be able to add some variety to his eating… 

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