Luxury Chicken Diapers

It’s become a recent trend in urban areas such as Los Angeles and New York for the elite to stray away from dogs and cats, the traditional and common pets. They’ve decided that that’s so last season, and that the new cool thing to do is to raise chickens instead.

Although raising chickens was once only for farmers, it’s now become the it thing to do. Owning a pet chicken has become a status symbol.

Julie Baker, an ingenious entrepreneur has found a way to make a living off of the trend with her new fashionable chicken diapers. Yes, you read that correctly, chicken diapers. In fact, she’s been making an impressive $50,000 annually from her business.

10 years ago, Julie was raising a flock of chickens together with her daughter on a small farm. They stumbled upon a cute YouTube video of a chicken wearing a diaper, so that it wouldn’t leave droppings everywhere.  This is where she got her inspiration, especially since her daughter would always bring her favorite chicken into their home.

Julie then went on a mission to sew cotton diapers for her other hen. Other chicken owners began to get in touch with her, wanting chicken diapers as well. Julie opened an online store called ”Pampered Poultry” together with her daughter to teach her some valuable business lessons, as she was being home schooled.

She was surprised to see that her venture was met with great success, with her customer base growing into urban chicken owners too.

Julie currently sells her diapers in all 50 states and they retail for approximately $18 each. She now even makes diaper dresses and feather guards too.