Love Testers

Chinese entrepreneurs have found a genius way to create a business of off relationship paranoia.  They are renting out ‘love testers” who do their very best to attempt to seduce one of the partners to check how faithful they truly are to their partner.

China is no stranger to weird online services.  Entrepreneurs are always on the look out for finding new ways to make money off of human relationships, which is why this service has now been introduced to allow couples to rent out ‘love testers’.

According to Chinese sources, a Google search for ‘boyfriend loyalty test’ on China’s largest e-commerce platform, TaoBao provides dozens of results with companies charging a wide variety of prices.

Once an order is made with a love tester, personal details need to be provided about their partner, such as their social media accounts, cell phone number, job, interests and hobbies. The tester will then befriend the target on a variety of popular social network and use professional tricks to check how faithful they are.

Chen Mengyuan, a 21 year old Chinese college student who works as a love tester herself shares that she uses attractive fake selfies and enticing words to seduce men.

Sometimes, the results are thankfully positive with some targets never conversing with their love testers, with others fall for the trap and end up getting dumped.

Chen explains that if she successfully seduced a disloyal partner to come meet her or if they deny that they have a girlfriend, Chen will send the entire chat history to the girlfriend to have her see for herself.

Women tend to use the testing services more often than men, and testing women is in fact more complicated and expensive.

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