Love for Livestock

There’s a new app that you’ve surely never heard before, and that you surely won’t be using. Nonetheless, it’s still worth hearing about, because it’s actually an app created specially for cattle to find partners.

Yes, as crazy as it may sound – it’s true. The Tinder like app is called ”Tudder” a punny name in order to combine the terms udder and Tinder.  Farmers swipe through pictures of cattle. and if they swipe right and like what they see, then they can enter a website to see more information about the cattle before they make a decision as to whether or not they want to purchase it.

The website includes a wide array of information about the cattle, including how much milk it yields, and how much protein they contain.  It appears as though with so much available data on animals, it’s a whole lot easier than making a human match.

The world may view farming as rather behind our time, it’s actually more technological than we know, with the SellMyLivestock website selling nearly $64 million worth of cattle annually.

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