Lorde Doesn’t Want To Hear About Your Miracle Cures

Talented music artist Lorde does not want to hear your miracle cures for her acne. For some reason, people just can’t stop giving her unwanted advice on her to handle her acne, and she’s had enough of it.

The Green Light singer has expressed through several of her Instagram stories her struggle with acne, and how much it really sucks. She also however explains that it is even more frustrating that people offer her such simple solutions, especially after she has tired everything for years upon years.

People suggest all kinds of solutions, whether it be to moisturize, to make yogurt and honey masks, to buy a fruit scrub, or wash her face regularly.  Lorde has tried it all, and feels the pain of those who have struggled their entire lives with acne like herself.

Lorde is not shy to share her acne struggles with her fans. She has even attempted to encourage her fans to always remember that it’s ok to have flaws.

In terms of her music itself, she has teased her fans in an Instagram post that some songs will be performed on her Melodrama tour that were not released. We’re very excited to see what her tour will bring.

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