Long Socks or Ankle Socks?

Did you know that socks are an essential part of men’s fashion? That’s right, socks. You may not think it because you have been wearing them all your life. But there is a good reason why fashion designers still create socks. You see, even though it is subtle, socks can really change the look of your entire outfit. This is why you might be struggling to decide between long socks and ankle socks. Don’t worry, this isn’t a weird situation to be in. There are many people who struggle to decide on what socks they should wear with their outfits.

When deciding on what pair of socks you should wear with your outfit, you should think of it as an accessory. If your socks can be seen then they should add to your outfit and not take away from it. This is where long socks come in. Showing off your socks is actually a part of fashion. You may not think it but it really is. This is why you will see so many people wearing socks that match their outfits. With that said, you are able to find a variety of different socks. This includes neutral-colored socks, socks with prints, and socks with characters on them.

Getty Images/ Westend61/ Westend61

Now when we talk about socks we have to talk about ankle socks. These are socks that can’t really be seen by anyone even if you are wearing shorts with them. Ankle socks are perfect if you don’t really want your socks to clash with your outfit. You will notice that much like long socks, ankle socks come in a variety of different colors and prints. However, if you want to keep them a secret, you can go with a more neutral color like black, white, or even tan. With that said, whatever socks you decide to go with should add to your overall look.