Living To 180

For those who haven’t yet heard of Dave Asprey,  he’s actually the man who first thought of adding butter to coffee. He’s also the mind behind the lifestyle brand ”Bulletproof”.

Asprey is always experimenting with new diets and workout regimes, as well as with different technologies in order to ensure that his well-being will be in the best possible condition. In fact, he actually has plans to live to 180 years old, at the very least.

Asprey is currently 45 years old, and began his quest to live longer than anyone has ever before back in the 1990’s, when he was an overweight technology entrepreneur who decided to make a serious turn around in his life.

He began by attempting the traditional ways of weight loss, however after nothing seemed to work for him, he began to try out less conventional ways, which is where his bio-hacking career started out. Throughout his life, he’s tried nearly a hundred different diets and gadgets to optimize his health, even going to Tibet to learn their methods.

The bio-hacker even had surgical procedures to have the bone marrow from his hips removed and the injected into his spinal cord, joints and cerebral fluid, and he believes that his treatment is the most extensive one to have ever been done on a single person. In terms of it’s effectiveness, we’re still not too sure.

Asprey however is willing to do everything possible to live until 180 years old, and has no patience to wait around for doctors to test things out. He currently takes nearly 100 daily supplements and have this special surgical procedures performed twice a year.

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