Living The Pod Life

Many of us struggle with the fact that rent is just far too high to afford.  A recent survey has found that those in Los Angeles are highly unsatisfied with the cost of housing.

In turn, many young people are starting to give up on the idea of living in traditional homes and apartments, and are starting to turn to pods. These pods are similar to living in a hostel, and in general, is confined to just a small sleeping area.

Those that have decided to take on the pod life absolutely love it. In fact, so much so, it’s completely shocking, with many even getting the logo of a pod-housing community permanently tattooed onto their bodies. Most commonly – on their necks, making it a real part of their identities.

Although getting a pod related tattoo is rather astonishing, it really should come of no surprise that people in Los Angeles have chosen such a way of living, where prices are sky high, and in many cases, incomes just don’t seem to match up.

Co-working spaces and ride sharing has already become the norm, and perhaps living in pods is on its way there too for young professionals. Let’s just hope the tattoo aspect of it doesn’t become the norm too.

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