Living In A Glass Cage

Juana Munoz from Cadiz, Spain has been living in an isolated glass cage for the past thirteen years. For the 53 year old woman, this is her prison, but is also the only thing that can keep her safe from all the the things that could kill her.
She was diagnosed with four different conditions, all of which are life-threatening; multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), fibromylaglia, hypersensitivity and chronic fatigue syndrome.  Due to all of these conditions, she was left with no choice but to stay isolated in a 25 meter glass cage.
If she wants to leave the cage, she must follow very strict rules. Anyone that comes in to visit her must shower first with chemical free products, and wear only organic cotton clothing.  What’s most saddening about this story is that her family cannot touch or hug her without threatening her life.
Her two children are able to hug her only twice a year after going through days of preparation. According to Juana, this nightmare started an entire 29 years ago after touching some potatoes that her husband had planted.  Her eyes and lips began to swell and had to be rushed to the hospital.  From them on, whenever she came into contact with certain chemicals, she would get skin irritations, and would feel extreme fatigue as well as vomit.
Over time, her chemical sensitivity got much worse and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromylgia. This is when she had to be isolated in a glass cage, and thirteen years have passed since then.  She hopes to one day be able to live a normal life again.
Her husband grows organic produce for her in their garden and eats meats only from highly trusted organic butchers. She often needs to wear a mask and can only fear organic cotton clothing.
She only leaves her bubble once a year, because she has to get breast cancer check after being diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivity.  The trip to the hospital for her is an experienced described as hell.
Despite all of the aches, fatigues and skin sores she suffers from, she finds the strength somehow to carry on.

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