‘Living’ Concrete

Each second, minute and hour that goes by, scientists are in the process of discovering new and innate substances that can solve specific environmental problems. Currently, scientists from CU Boulder Engineering are gaining a lot of attention worldwide. Due to their development of ‘living’ concrete that could have the potential to heal itself.

This building substance is alive and full of living bacteria, making it one of a kind. According to NowThis, “when the cyanobacteria is bound with sand and gelatin, the mixture has the ability to potentially regenerate.”  With the great potential, this substance has scientists believe that it can one day fix cracks on its own as well as absorb air pollutants.

Since this material has just been discovered it is still in the process of being finalized and worked on. Hopefully, in due time, scientists will be able to use this material to replace concrete, which produces a large carbon yield. It is also possible that this material could withstand extreme environments.

The project has been funded by the Defense Department Agency and has been going on for about a few years now. None of the materials are ready for use yet.

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