Live Animals On Amazon

Just when we thought Amazon couldn’t get any crazier… they are now selling live animals on their website. According to Business Insider “Under the “live animals,” category, merchants sell packs of colorful fish, tank-cleaning snails, and freshwater shrimp.” Amazon does not sell anything that could be larger than your hand being that would not make any sense ethically.

What is being sold on the website consists of any living creature we would need in your home’s pond or aquarium. For instance, if we are trying to purchase fish and we aren’t sure what kind we would like, Amazon sells a variety of species. All depending on what is wanted, some suppliers provide consumers options. From large fish, mixed bags or small fish, Amazon has it all.

When purchasing the animal, Amazon provides the owner with specific directions to care for the animal. Most animals are shipped overnight and can only be delivered on certain days. If interested in doing so, take this criterion wisely.

Having animals being delivered to your home from an online distribution can be very tricky and risky, indeed. Being that you are sending live animals to a location overnight, it can harm the animals if not taken care of properly.

All in all, while Amazon has hit all aspects of the market, it is believed that buying live animals from a pet store is more ideal of situations. Even though the animals are shipped to you in no time, it sounds more ideal to get the animals on your own time.

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