Limit Screen Time

Molly DeFrank is a mother, writer and blogger who has recently limited her children’s time sitting on their cellular devices or behind a computer screen. Seeing the negative effects of spending too much time on your screen, she decided that it was time to pull the plug especially after this happened…

One day she got home from running errands and her youngest child asked to play on her phone. Seeing this as a huge problem, she and her husband took action right away.

By putting a limit on her children’s screen time, DeFrank knew that she must figure out something to replace this free time spent. Little did she know, after a few months of only allowing the kids to spend an hour a day on their devices, they soon would find their own ways to spend their free time together.

Whether it was playing fake school, reading a book or using their creativity to come up with an activity, her kids went above and beyond in the time spent off their phones. Seeing this first hand, DeFrank couldn’t have been more pleased with her decision to limit the screen time of her children.

At first, DeFrank was hesitant to do so and of course, like any child they tried to fight back on this idea. Being that they are younger, they don’t understand the purpose of limiting their time on the screen but in a few years or so they will be very thankful for this change. At the end of the day, one doesn’t want to look back on life and only remember sitting on their phones.

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