Like Mother Like Daughter

While they often say like mother, like daughter, they don’t mean that we should mistake them for one another.  But somehow, fifty-one-year-old Lee Su Jin actually often gets mistaken for her daughter due to her incredibly youthful look.  Lee, a dentist in South Korea has shocked people on social media with her looks and has gotten no shortage of followers for this very reason.   She’s also quite popular in South Korea and has appeared on countless television shows – known to be a ‘goddess of eternal youth’. 

And even as the years go by, she somehow still manages to not age in the least bit, being mistaken for her daughter to no end.  Lee Su Jin has shared that she first resorted to social media because after her daughter stopped talking to her once she entered middle school, she was hungry for more social interaction. With all the attention she received for her youthful look, it encouraged her to keep posting more and more.  It got so out of hand that her daughter even claimed that her mother had become obsessed with taking pictures of herself and posting them on social media.

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For the rest of us here, after every year that goes by, more wrinkles and signs of aging come on, but for Lee Su Jin, she apparently really is a goddess of eternal youth.  She looks just as young and beautiful as she did a few years ago, and it’s no surprise why people are always thinking she’s her daughter’s sister.  Her appearance even experienced some controversy, since cosmetic surgeries are very popular in South Korea, however, she has confirmed that she’s had no work done.  Lee claims that the secret to staying forever young is living a balanced lifestyle, staying optimistic, and engaging in a good skincare regime.  Let’s hope that works out for us too. 

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