Legally Younger

A sixty-nine year old Dutch man has claimed to feel a lot younger than he really is. So much so, that he has actually gone to court in an attempt to legally reduce his age by twenty years.

The man, Emile Ratelband, a self-described positivity guru and media personality recently expressed his feelings in front of a court in Arnhem, Holland.

He expressed that he does not feel comfortable with his actual age, and that his desire to have it legally lowered is the same as someone who identifies as transgender.

He even said that he would have no problem to forgo his pension in order to avoid any potential issues.  Emile tried to convince the court that having his age lowered by two decades would positively and significantly change his life in all aspects.

The Dutch man finds it hard to understand that in a time where gender and names can be changed, why an age can’t be chosen either?  He feels as though if he was 49, instead of 69 then he could have a whole other world of possibilities in front of him, such as driving a different car, buying a house, and even getting a better response rate on Tinder.

His request was refused by the court, and he feels highly discriminated against, and that his free will has been impeded on.

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