Legally Changes Sex For Cheaper Insurance

A Canadian man who identifies himself a male has legally changed the gender on his identification to female. Why? In order to save more than $1,000 on car insurance.

The man has been identified only as David in order to protect him against any potential legal issues. He wanted to purchase a new car and new that the insurance would come with a hefty price due to his young age (early 20s), as well as a few tickets he had on his record.

The price he was quoted was much higher than he had planned for, so he started to think of creative ways to have the price lowered.  He even asked the insurer what the price would be for a woman in his situation. Once he discovered that it would be $1,000 cheaper, he started to think.

It made him very angry that there was such a difference and requested for his gender to be changed his car policy. Of course, they did not allow him to simply his gender on the spot, but David learned that he could do it alone.

He had to have his gender changed on his birth certificate and birth certificate before it could be a part of his insurance policy, so he did just that.

David his research and discovered that all he had to do was tell his doctor that he identified as a woman and requested an official letter that he sent to the Government, asking for a gender change.

After this process, he was finally able to get a $91 discount on his insurance policy.  David reveals that although he was shocked that it actually worked, he was also relieved.

This legal loop hole helped him get what he wanted.

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