Leaving Home With A One Way Ticket

In today’s Western Culture, it has become not only more acceptable, but also much more common within society for young people to leave their homes to start a new chapter in another country across the ocean.

Traditionally this would have been highly frowned upon, and is still looked down upon, or simply does not happen within certain communities and cultures. It is seen as a betrayal to the loyalty of one’s family, and in many cases they might disown their child for such an act.

However, for North American and European cultures mostly, it can almost be said that it has become the norm to finish school and then pick another country to study, work or chase love.

For these modern western societies, leaving one’s family by choice and not for greater financial opportunities is no longer so frowned upon.  The trendy state of mind of today is to let your children flourish and spread their wings.

It is no longer as encouraged to be a parent that is overprotective and sets too many rules.  Families are now able to understand, or encouraged to do at least, that leaving does not always mean abandoning, but rather seeking adventure and learn more about the world.  It does not come out of anger or out a bad place, but simply a desire to experience life otherwise.

With so many jobs offering relocation positions, or universities offering study abroad programs, moving away completely alone and starting fresh is no taboo concept like it once was. Traveling has found new bounds, and curious young minds are not considered to be lost wanderlust souls, but rather brave and independent.

Young teenagers moving back to their country of origin is also a very popular trend in recent years. Perhaps children want to live somewhere else, experience something new, whilst still feeling comfortable and a part of home, and as though they can relate to the people, understand or improve the language and trace back to their original roots.