Leather Pants – Are They Back?

Leather pants were a big hit from the 70s through to the 90s. Now we know fashion doesn’t really have a lifespan, things always find their way back into style. With that said you might be hesitant to try it out but what do you have to lose right? Leather pants are definitely back and they are better than ever.

When you think of leather pants, you probably think of people with big afros, dancing at the disco. Now that may not seem ideal seeing that we are in the 21st century. But you have nothing to worry about. There have been tons of celebrities wearing leather pants and not just wearing them but rocking them. Firstly you need to know that you don’t have to buy real leather.

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Jeremy Moeller

That’s right, you can now get faux leather. It looks the exact same. Now on to styling your funky leather pants. Leather and denim go hand in hand. That’s right, you can’t go wrong with a denim shirt and your leather pants. You can actually wear your leather pants with a denim jacket if you have one. If you don’t you can also go in a great formal shirt. Because you are wearing black pants you can go wild with the colors of your top.

You could even pair your pants with a hoodie. Yes, it seems a bit odd but this is just one example of how you can dress down leather pants. Let’s talk shoes. When wearing such a statement piece like leather pants, you would normally go with a more plain shore. However, you don’t have to dial it down. You can wear almost any type of shoe with black leather pants. This includes boots, formal shoes, and even sneakers. Anything really goes with this statement piece of fashion.

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