Landmark Sweaters

A man by the name of Samuel Barsky has taken his creative background and used it in a way that not many people would have thought of. As someone who loves to travel and visit famous landmarks across the globe, Barsky decided to show his love for these places in a different kind of way.

When one usually goes to these landmark locations, we are bound to find many wearing shirts that go hand in hand with the place. Whether it says “I love NYC,” or has “Yosemite National Park,” written across the shirt, these items are always visible and worn by tourists and nature fans.

Barsky being one to travel to these places, he decided to make sweaters with the landmarks on them So, every time Barsky decides to visit a new place, he knits a new landmark sweater and wears it when visiting.

This new trend is one that has gained Barsky a lot of attention in the social media world. As fans of his sweaters rave about his collection, he has continued to show the world what he has got. Visiting new places and wearing new sweaters, every time.

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