Lab Grown Steak

An innovative Israeli startup, Aleph Farms, seems to have made a huge accomplishment for the fake meat industry. That would be a steak grown entirely in a lab.

They announced that they had managed to grow a steak in a lab using merely the cells from a living cow that they extracted.  Together with their announcement, they shared a video showing a chef cooking up something that looks just like a juicy beef steak, only a little smaller.

Other than the fact that they are pretty small, which the company recognizes, the new technology is still completely groundbreaking and is a huge step towards great cell-grown steak.

An entire five years have gone by since the first lab-grown hamburger, and since then, researchers have come an incredibly long way when it comes to lab growing meat.  What is yet to be created is meat that has the same structure and texture of the cuts that one would find in a butcher shop.

Making a sausage from animal cells is a challenge in and of itself, so creating an entire steak, muscles and all is a major achievement that Aleph farm has pulled off.

The secret was finding a combination of nutrients that would allow the animal cells to produce a tissue structure, similar to what is in an actual cow.

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