A Deeper Look Into North Korea
carly miller | April 15, 2019

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North Korea is considered the most isolated and ruthless country in the world.  Though it is referred to as a “hermit kingdom,” there are some interesting and bizarre facts about this reclusive nation of 25 million people. Sometimes, the news leaked from North Korea seems like it came straight out of a dystopian novel. Read on to discover the true North Korea.

State-Sanctioned Haircuts


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The government controls hairstyles. Interestingly enough, fauxhawks have been banned. An unmarried woman can choose a cut that is short and above-the-shoulders. Men are not allowed to have shaggy hair as it’s a sign of free-thinking and rebellion. The government released a five-part series explaining how to maintain hair that aligns with communist values.

State-Sanctioned Food



According to the Los Angeles Times, people “eat what they can get.” North Koreans buy food in markets officially sanctioned by the state’s central distribution system as well as illegal “grasshopper markets.”