Kochia Hill In Autumn

The hillside town of Hitachinaka City isn’t known for much, but once a year it becomes the top destination in Japan for both locals and tourists. Located outside of urban Tokyo, this quiet and quaint community takes pride in their extraordinary landscape that transforms into a sea of bright crimson red at the start of Autumn each year.



For most of the year, the hills are decorated with lively green kochia plants, among other varieties of diverse wildlife and plant life. After the summer (the wet season in Japan), these green shrubs transform into a sea of vivid red hues that drape the hills of Hitachi Seaside Park for miles.


Locals and travelers alike flock to this special spot during the last couple weeks of September and into October to get a glance of the magical landscapes surrounding the small town.



Kochia plants, also nicknamed “summer cypress,” are typically ornamental plants that are native to the area, although they have been introduced to regions throughout the world, including many areas of North America. So, before you decided to book your next trip based on fall foliage, add Hitachinaka City to your list of perfect Autumn destinations.


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