Killing For Domains

A man who really wanted a specific domain name,, may be spending the next twenty years of his life in prison after taking the desire for this specific name a little too far.

Rossi Lorathio Adam II is the man behind the strange crime, and the entrepreneur behind the State Snaps, a social media company wanted this specific domain name because many of the people in his following would use the slogan on a regular basis: Do it for state.

The domain, however, was unfortunately already taken, and the owner would not agree to sell it, despite the many attempts from Rossi. Once the seller wouldn’t budge, Rossi started to send gun emojis to both the owner and his friends.

Once that didn’t seem to work either, Rossi took things to the next level, and decided to try stealing the desired domain name at gunpoint, believe it or not.

Adams actually hired his cousin to break into the home of the domain’s owner with a taser and a gun. His cousin, Sherman Hopkins handed the domain owner a note with strict instructions on how the domain should go handed over to Adams, while pointing a gun to his head, and hitting him with it over and over again.

Hopkins was sentenced to twenty years in prison, and recently Adams was also found guilty too for his involvement. Adams now is also likely to face as much as twenty years in jail too, as well as a hefty fine.

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