KFC’s Meatless Chicken

The iconic fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken, best known as simply KFC started to sell plant based fake chicken at one single Atlanta location.

They referred to it as Beyond Fried Chicken, and believe it or not – within a mere five hours, each and every single meatless fried nugget was gone. Sold and into the bellies of hungry vegans and animal lovers. 

It seems as though meatless meat is a lot more promising than we make it out to be. According to sources, the amount of meatless chicken that was sold on that fateful day compares to the amount of traditional popcorn chicken that they sell in an entire week. 

The line was out the door before the branch had even opened, and customers couldn’t wait to try it. They were all sharing on social media pictures and videos of themselves enjoying what they otherwise wouldn’t allow themselves to. 

Based on the incredible success of this Beyond Fried Chicken – we’re likely to see a lot more of it and similar products on the market in the fast food world.

Because there’s no denying how much we all love ourselves some finger lickin’ good chicken. 

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