Karma is the pure idea of cause and effect. If one does something, then there is a natural result of doing that action, speaking those words or eating that meal. In-depth, there is a greater meaning to karma and the idea that falls behind it.

According to the Huffington Post, “Karma is not physical, it is spiritual, and we carry karma forward though time with a given lifetime or, as some believe, from one lifetime until the next.” In turn, meaning that our souls are the pure reason why we act on certain things in our lives. We are always debating in our heads on whether or not we should or should not do something, whether it is good or bad.

Once we do that thing that we thought wasn’t the greatest idea since it wasn’t an act of kindness or the smartest decision, we believe that bad karma is going to come right back at us. This all falls back onto the soul idea of karma, which is being accountable for our actions.

Karma is the universe trying to teach people in this world the wrongs and rights of life by giving them a little lesson on their own.

The issue that lies behind karma is that people forget that there is such a thing as good karma. This is the reward people receive when their spirits and souls make a great decision, perform an act of kindness, show love or gratitude. It is the good that follows the positive and the bad that follows the negative.

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