Japan’s Surreal Festivals

Japan is full of surprises. It’s also full of incredible, larger-than-life events and festivals. And while there’s no shortage of large-scale events back in the U.S., Japan just knows how to take such festivals to the next level. Whether it’s the ethereal dreamscapes of the snow festival, the adrenaline-filled intensity of log-riding, or the beauty of fully choreographed mass-dancing, it’s safe to say that Japan has all but mastered the art of festivals. And since they have so many of them, it would be incredibly difficult to summarise them all in one article, so here are some of our own favorites!


Gettyimages / AFP Contributor / AFP

Awa Odori, also known as the Awa Dance Festival, is a four-day festival held in Shikoku, Japan. It is the largest dance festival in Japan, attracting approximately 1.3 million tourists every year. At the heart of the festival is the grand display of choreographed music and dance known as ren. Performs sport traditional Obon dance costumes as they parade, dance, and sing through the streets, making for a unique experience.

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