Japan’s SkyCycle

Ever heard of SkyCycle? Probably not. But that’s alright, we’re here to tell all about this unique Japanese roller coaster that you surely would never want to try anyway (unless of course you’re a real dare-devil). 

While most standard roller coasters terrify riders by increasing speed, this pedal powered one actually slows down to give riders heart attacks.

The SkyCycle is located on a green covered hill in Okayama and is most likely the slowest roller coaster out there, going only as fast as the rider can manage to pedal.

There’s also no specially steep slopes or anything too fancy here, but the roller coaster still gets all riders blood pressures up, giving them a serious sense of uncertainty and fear. The ride lasts for a mere three minutes, but we can assure you that it feels like a decade. 

At first glance it may look like a simple ride made for those too scared to really try out a dangerous ride. All it is is some tandem bikes attached to a metal rail. But once you’re on it, you’ll realize how incredibly terrifying it is. There’s nothing more than just a rather flimsy seat belt keeping you in place as you pedal fifty feet above the ground. 

The SkyCycle ride went viral on the internet a few years back, showing that the ride was rusty and not in the safest condition. Today, it looks slightly better and has made some improvements, but it’s still scary as heck. 

Why in the world would anyone why to try this?

Well, perhaps for the thrill, but there’s also the added factor that those that look out the metal rail will be granted with one of the most stunning views of Okayama, including the Great Seto Bridge and Seto Inland Sea. 

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