Is Tanning Really Safe?

We all know how tanning is one of the newer trends that has occupied the world. The world has been dominated by the idea of tan as soon as people understood the concept of brown is beautiful. However, tanning again is a means of changing your true color. This article will talk about the safety procedures of tanning and its related threats.

Getty images/Moment/Alexander Spatari

So we all know tanning occurs when the skin experiences damage. This damage is done when the skin is exposed to UV radiation and the skin tries its best to minimize it. This is done by a mechanism that ensures that the melanin in the skin surfaces on the top and reduces any signs of skin damage. However, most people do not understand the major concept of it. They claim it as a means of beautifying their natural skin color. Many companies have even marketed on it by introducing tanning beds and indoor tanning equipment. This is a sort of equipment that is provided inside and you just have to lie down in it. However, the recent research and FDA strongly condemns this practice. It describes the process to be extremely unsafe which may lead to multiple cancers.

However, if you are adamant to try tanning do that with maximum protection. You can do so by applying extreme amounts of sunblock over your skin. You can also use spray forms of sunblock that ensure that all areas of the body are covered. Try getting SPF 30 or 30+ at least. Moreover, avoid using indoor tanning booths. They are extremely dangerous and many countries have even banned the use of tanning booths for people under 18. You can also ensure that you avoid sun during peak hours i.e. when the sun damage can be maximized. However, by no means does this mean that you will have to minimize outdoor movement.

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