Is Mountain Biking an Extreme Sport?

You probably learned how to ride a bike when you were just a child. Now you may not think that your fun childhood activity is actually considered to be an extreme sport. That’s right, riding a bike or more specifically mountain biking is considered an extreme sport. This competitive sport is taken extremely seriously by competitors. You may be wondering how riding a bike on a mountain can be considered a sport, well that’s what we are here to get into.

To fully understand what mountain biking is, you need to know that there are different types of mountain biking. With that said even though they are different, they are all equally dangerous. There are 8 different styles of mountain biking. The first and most popular would have to be the Red Bull Rampage. This is easily considered to be the most dangerous and extreme form of this sport. With this course being so dangerous it is invitation only can only be attempted by a professional.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Thomas Barwick

The next course may be a bit different than ordinary mountain biking because it takes place in the streets. This would be the Incycle DH Taxco which takes place in Taxco, Mexico. You may think that just because riders are using the streets that this isn’t really extreme. But there are a number of different features that are in place to test riders’ abilities and skills. This includes riding downstairs, through alleyways, and a variety of different urban set obstacles.

When you think of mountain biking you think of riding on a mountain-like road. In this next even riders actually take their bikes airborne. This would be the Slopestyle competition. In this competition, riders need to show off their skills by doing a variety of different tricks. This includes fancy spins, backflips, and even front flips.

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