Interesting Facts About Bears

Bears are wildly fascinating creatures that come in a variety of species, eight to be specific, that we might not know much about. So here are some interesting facts that are sure to intrigue any animal lover. Bears similar to us humans are emotional creatures that care deeply for family members, for instance when cubs are separated from their mothers they will cry out for them, bears will even risk personal safety to save a family member.

In speaking about cubs and momma bears, their relationship is very similar to the one’s human mothers and kids have. As cubs love to play just like human children their mothers have to watch out for them and will even stop them if they see that their playfulness is getting out of hand, for them not to hurt themselves. These intelligent animals are some of the best navigators out there outperforming any human.

Getty Images / Moment / Js Photography

Bears also have a great recollection, they can remember the best hunting spots even after years have passed. They are so smart that they have even been found to hide away from hunters by hiding behind trees or large rocks and covering their tracks. Some not-so-good news for their prey, however, because bears have been known to roll themselves in decomposing meat to conceal their scent so that they can sneak up on prey.

These furry cuties have even been spotted out in the wild using rocks as tools. They have an amazing sense of smell that helps them find their prey, food, or a mate even when they are a great distance away. Some bears have developed special features for eating like having an extra bone in their jaw or even lips that are especially used to suck up insects. These are just the tip of the bear fact iceberg.

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