Instagram’s Initiative

For all the snoopers out there, Instagram fully just called us out by once again making changes on the social media application. The start of all of these changes began with their movement to connect people that they care about, according to their online press room.

As a way to stop all the snoopers, Instagram is in the process of removing the “Following Activity Tab,” from the site and for many reasons. Surprisingly, many Instagram users were unaware of the feature so when someone would confront them about their following activity, they were confused.

Understandably, Instagram decided that it was best to stop surfacing its user’s activity. If one has completed the newest update of the application than the likelihood of the tab still being available is low. If no update has been completed, people will still have the ability to check it.

Overall, Instagram has definitely proved its case and support for a community that deals with online bullying and interactions. At the end of it all, Instagram is bettering the entire community as a whole. Giving people less of an opportunity to check on people they don’t care for.